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Zipper Ankle Jeans.

Zipper ankle jeans are so freakin 80’s-early 90’s. I remember my first pair like it was yesterday. Mine were Guess and I think they were in some awful color like teal or something in that ballpark. Since zipper ankle jeans made their comeback like 3 years ago I have seemed to have hopped back on the bandwagon. So much for the saying ‘If you were old enough to wear the trend the first time around, pass it by when it comes back.’

Check out these 5 Zipper Ankle jeans, they are great for the spring and summer and are the perfect jeans to show off your fly ass shoes. ROCK EM.


iT Jeans Ultra Skinny With Zipper. $78. Revolveclothing.Com.


Generic Denim James Skinny Jeans With Zippers. Shopbop.Com. $60.


Available At Zappos.Com For $42 By Levis.


From Amazon.Com By Black Orchid The Black Devil Skinny Ankle Jean. On Sale For $58.57 From $137.


By Guess, The Beverly Skies Wash Skinny Jean With Zippers. Available At Ebay.Com And Jeans-On-Sale.Com For $60.