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Kill ‘Em With Your Spiked Platform Pumps.

Since I am obsessed with anything spiked or chained it was a given that I had to own these shoes. The unfortunate part was the first time around every website sold out with the quickness. A couple of places have  restocked so I ordered mine and I suggest you get yours. These heels are KILLER. They are very well constructed and they just look fly. The spikes are thick and strong, they will not fall out. The shoe is comfortable, and if you want to make it even better throw in an insole.

This Is The Black And Silver Option.

http://www.urbanog.com/Whip-Studded-Spiked-Round-Toe-Pump_112_13479.html Here They Are On UrbanOg.Com

This Is The Grey And Silver Version.

http://www.gojane.com/54619-shoes-spiky-stud-platform-pump.html Here They Are On GoJane.Com


Gettin Jilly With It.

I came across these ridiculously high platforms on BakersShoes.Com, then yesterday I came across a Wild Pair in the mall and BOOM, there they were in the window. They ROCK. Versatile, Simple, Tall, Comfortable and of course animal friendly. These kicks  are made with microfiber, which is very attractive and even looks better then real suede in my opinion.

You can buy them here Jilly By Wild Pair, the : http://www.bakersshoes.com/p-208411-JILLY-WP.aspx?c=594

You Know The EspaDRILLe.

Espadrilles have been around forever and a day and have managed to remain timeless. Without a doubt once the Spring and Summer roll around you can find them in the stores and on the feet of every platform sandal loving woman. Espadrilles come in many styles and colors, from flats to plats from pink to white. The most defining characteristic of the Espradrille is its rope (or rope looking) sole, which gives it an ‘Earthy’ feel.

Here are 5 pairs of Cruelty Free Espadrilles:

1- http://www.lulus.com/products/cityclassified-jojo-natural-braided-wedge-sandals/37271.html

City Classified JoJo Natural Braided Wedge Sandals. $30. Available At Lulus.Com.

2- http://www.gojane.com/57698-shoes-knotted-strappy-stacked-espadrille-wedge.html

Bamboo Knotted Strappy Stacked Espadrille. $28.10. Available At GoJane.Com.

3- http://mandee.com/product/EIF/MD-1000070445/258/

Sling Back Ruffle Wedge. $30. Available At Mandee.Com.

4- http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/sandals/wedges/84348388-halozen/35&flagid=wespadrilles

Aldo Halozen Espradrille Wedges. $60. Available At Aldo.Com

5- http://www.bakersshoes.com/p-206835-PENELOPE.aspx?c=396

The Penelope Wedge Sandal. H By Halston On Sale For $60 From $80. Available At BakersShoes.Com.

The Tokyo By Olsen Haus.

I am so loving this platform shoe by vegan shoe maker Olsen Haus. These platforms are black with bright blue and green trimming adding a pop of color. These all vegan, all the time platform wedges are secured with 2 ankle straps that close with velcro. All materials are animal and eco friendly. After seeing these shoes in person at Moo Shoes in Manhattan I must say they are killer and look WAAYY better in person.

They Are Available At The Following Locations:

http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/olsenhaus-pure-vegan-tokyo-sandal/3144290 Available At Nordstrom For $265.

http://www.mooshoes.com/products2.cfm/ID/1338/name/Tokyo-from-Olsen-Haus/a/3 Available At Moo Shoes For $240.

http://www.endless.com/ And At Endless F0r $265.

Bamboo Colada: The Perfect Platform Pumps.

These heels by Bamboo are the perfect, animal friendly platform pump for any outfit and for any occasion. The Colada is a shockingly comfortable shoe. These 5 inch heels have a rubber sole which provides great traction and seems to lessen the impact that comes with walking in such high heels. They are available on Lulus.Com, at most Mandee stores, UrbanOG.Com, Ebay.Com and from what I see many other places on line. I am really not one to buy cheap shoes but I bought these because I loved everything about them. The heel height, the platform height and the vegan factor. These kicks have great reviews all over the internet too, so it is not just me saying they are great. They come in TONS of colors and patterns and also in different textures including faux suede and faux leather. Bamboo seems to be constantly releasing different versions of this shoe since they are wildly popular.

Find the one that suits you and rock it. Since they are so cheap, you may as well just buy 2 😉

Black Faux Leather Version.

Raspberry Faux Suede Version.

Tan Faux Suede Version.

Pink Cork Version.

Big Buddha Womens Casi Boots For Sale.

I have 5 pairs of Big Buddha Casi Boots in black for sale. Sizes 6, 7.5, 8 and 8.5 for $49.95 plus $6.95 shipping. Boots are new with tags but no boxes.

http://www.beyondthelbd.com/store/ Buy Them Here.

The Casi boot is a great boot, I have 3 pairs of them myself. They are comfortable, stylish and of course animal friendly. These boots look great with skinnies, leggings and even skirts. Depending on how thick your socks are, you may want to order a half size up.

These Are The Boots.

The Spitfire.

And my obsession with the highest heels known to man continues 😉 I really do not know what I would do without Michael Antonio Shoes. They have been my saving grace since I went Vegan in the fashion department. They make funky, sexy, edgy shoes minus the leather, suede, fur and other animal skins so many brands of shoes use. Once again, these shoes arrived in a beautiful box, with a dust bag and extra heels. The quality of their shoes is amazing. I would gladly pay 2x what I pay for their shoes but let’s not spread that rumor lol.

Here is my latest addition to my vegan foot wear arsenal:

The Trace Spitfire By Michael Antonio.

Black Vegan Suede With A 5 Inch Heel. Gets No Better For Me 😉

http://www.endless.com/ Endless.Com Has Them In Black, Brown, Red, Purple And Green. For Some Reason It Is Not Linking Up. Search Through Michael Antonio, Under The Color Black And They Will Be On The First Page.