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5 Ways To Rock A Boyfriend Blazer.

Boyfriend blazers go with almost everything but since they are a bit baggy it is important to have something fitted or structured in your outfit to avoid looking as if you are swimming in your clothes.

Here Are 5 Ways To Rock A Boyfriend Blazer:


Offest The Looseness Of The Blazer By Rocking It With Some Leggings. Be Sure Your Shirt Is A Bit Long And Loose Since Leggings Are Not Pants And Should Never Be Worn As Pants.


By Pairing A Boyfried Blazer With Bellbottoms You Balance Out The Bell Of The Jean When You Add The Looseness Of The Blazer.


A Short Tight Skirt Is A Nice Way To Offest A Boyfriend Blazer. The Blazer Also Tones Down The Skirt Making It More 'Day' Approiate.


Add A Touch Of Attitude To A 'Girly' Dress With A Boyfriend Blazer. This White One Is Great For The Summer.


Boyfriend Blazer With Shorts Is An All Year Round Look. Rock Them With Jean Shorts And Bare Legs And Sandals In The Summer Then Throw On Some Tights And Boots In The Winter.


The One Boyfriend Every Girl Needs.

I must admit, I was leery of this whole ‘Boyfriend Blazer’ thing. I just reminded me of the 80’s too much and not in a good way. Low and behold while shopping on Broadway in Soho last year, I came across the perfect boyfriend blazer at an unbelievable price. It made me an instant fan and I now rock it with pride.

The best thing about the boyfriend blazer is how versatile it is. It looks great with skinny jeans/jeggings but dare I say it looks even better with long, tight bellbottoms. Killer. The slight bagginess of the blazer offsets the tightness of the top of a pair of proper bellbottoms, and balances out the actual bell part of the jean by your feet. It looks sick. Try it. And ROCK it.

This One Is Only $20 At Target.

This One Is By Topshop.

This Is By H&M. That Bright Pink Lining Is KILLING Me. I LOVE It.