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Kill ‘Em With Your Spiked Platform Pumps.

Since I am obsessed with anything spiked or chained it was a given that I had to own these shoes. The unfortunate part was the first time around every website sold out with the quickness. A couple of places have  restocked so I ordered mine and I suggest you get yours. These heels are KILLER. They are very well constructed and they just look fly. The spikes are thick and strong, they will not fall out. The shoe is comfortable, and if you want to make it even better throw in an insole.

This Is The Black And Silver Option.

http://www.urbanog.com/Whip-Studded-Spiked-Round-Toe-Pump_112_13479.html Here They Are On UrbanOg.Com

This Is The Grey And Silver Version.

http://www.gojane.com/54619-shoes-spiky-stud-platform-pump.html Here They Are On GoJane.Com


Gettin Jilly With It.

I came across these ridiculously high platforms on BakersShoes.Com, then yesterday I came across a Wild Pair in the mall and BOOM, there they were in the window. They ROCK. Versatile, Simple, Tall, Comfortable and of course animal friendly. These kicks  are made with microfiber, which is very attractive and even looks better then real suede in my opinion.

You can buy them here Jilly By Wild Pair, the : http://www.bakersshoes.com/p-208411-JILLY-WP.aspx?c=594

This Is A Shoe For The Grown N Sexy.

If there is one thing I love more then anything else in the world of fashion, it is a KILLER, RIDICULOUSLY HIGH HEEL/PLATFORM. I mean, to me, it gets no better then that. Since the age of 13 in the year 1994, high heel shoes are what I have lived for. Sigh. So needless to say, when I decided to make the switch to vegan shoes, I was truly concerned there would be nothing grown or sexy about the selection. Needless to say I was DEAD WRONG.

These Are My Most Recent Vegan Shoe Purchase:

These are the Studio Gannon Wedge By Michael Antonio and they are not for the novice heel or platform wearer. These are some serious skidz. I obviously adore them since they are some of the highest platforms I own, plus black and silver are my favorite colors. Since these kicks are vegan, there is no leather used or any animal by products used in the materials. They are not cheap looking and they definitely turn heads. Not to mention the Michael Antonio Studio packaging is to die for. Shoe bag, extra sets of heels and beautiful dark, lux packaging.

When it comes to wearing these, I would keep it simple with your clothing choices and jazz it up with accessories. These shoes are pretty busy, so try not to have too much going on in the leg region… ‘Leather’ jegging/leggings would be sick, as would a high waisted short skirt and a plain tank united with a sick studded, thick belt. They also come in grey with silver details and tan with gold details.

How ever you choose to rock them….Just ROCK them 😉

http://www.flyjane.net/product/Michael-Antonio-Studio-GANNON-Studded-Platform-Wedge/6894 Fly Jane.

http://www.endless.com/dp/B003P8XRPO/ref=asc_df_B003P8XRPO1446303?tag=googlecom09c9_endless-20&creative=395033&linkCode=asn&creativeASIN=B003P8XRPO Here They Are On Endless.Com In Black, Grey And tan.

http://www.shiekhshoes.com/p-37255-womens-gannon.aspx They Are On Sale At ShiekShoes.Com