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Susan Nichole On Line Sample Sale.

Susan Nichole is a maker of Earth, Animal and Vegan friendly bags. They are having an on line sample sale that is going on NOW. All sample bags are only $38.

http://susannichole.com/store/sample-sale-c-65.html The Selection Of Samples For Sale. All $38.

http://susannichole.com/ Susan Nichole Homepage.

This Is The Trinity Bag.



Since I am obsessed with faux leather jackets, nothing makes me happier then knowing that there are plenty of lightweight leather jackets I can step into this Spring. Faux leather jackets go with damn near everything from jeans to dresses, they are easily worn season to season and never go out of style. Here are 5 animal friendly options for you cruelty free fancy.


For The Gents Available At UrbanOutfitters.Com. Charles & 1/2 Daniel Faux Leather Moto $128.


For The Ladies Available At GbyGuess.Com. The Thriller Faux Leather Jacket $79.50.


This Mens Bernando Lightweight Faux Leather Bomber Jacket Is Available At MensWarehouse.Com, $100.


Mens Lightweight Cotton Lined Nixon-Duce Faux Leather Jacket, $75. TheGiantPeach.Com


Womens Textured Lightweight Leatherette Jacket At Forever21.Com. $40.

Cuff It Up.

A cuff bracelet is an easy way to spice up a simple outfit. With so many different varieties of colors and metals, there is a cuff for everyone. Here are 5 animal friendly cuffs to ROCK…


Tessas Gold Studded Green Faux Leather Cuff Bracelet. Available at FantasyJewleryBox.Com for $26.95.


Carlis Chain And Rhinestone Studded Brown Faux Leather Cuff Bracelet. Also Available At FantasyJewleryBox.Com For $43.95.


By Carolina Clover This Faux Black Leather Cuff With A Blue Stone Medallion. Made With Metal This Bracelet Form Fits To Your Wrist. Available At CarolinaClover.Com For $25.00


Rock N Roll Rebel Wide Spiked Studded Bracelet, Faux Leather. Available At Artfire.Com For $14.00.


Metal Bars Cuff Available At Forever21.Com For $11.80.

Aliby Hobo Bag By Olivia And Joy.

I finally got my bag in the mail, 17 days after I ordered it. What a pain in the a$$, but it’s all good cuz it’s here and I love it. This faux leather bag by Olivia And Joy is awesome, big, easy to rock and of course animal friendly. Olivia And Joy make lots of really cute bags. You can buy them off their site as well as at Macys. I have also seen a few at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. If you like this particular bag here is the link to it on their website:

http://www.oliviaandjoy.com/item/402765 The Aliby Hobo Bag.

The Aliby Hobo, $98 By Olivia And Joy. Front Of The Bag.

Back Of The Bag.

Side And Handles Detailing.

Let Me Tell You About A Skirt, Her Name Is Maxi.

Maxis are back in FULL FORCE this spring and summer. They are truly meaning business with these long hems this year, everything is long from the skirts to the jeans. I like both long and short skirts and I love long, wide jeans so I am embracing this seasons longness with open arms. Since we know long will be back in again next year or at latest2 years from now (maxis have actually never left the racks since like ’05 if you want to get technical about it) it is wise to invest in a quality maxi skirt and dress. In a color of your hearts desire, since you are the one who has to wear it. As a stylist I try to push people to try new colors but at the end of the day, if you are uncomfortable, it will show. So if you like black then wear black, I know I do and besides is there a better color to have a classic piece in? I don’t think so.

The maxi skirt is like a best friend comforting, forgiving and sees no faults. Anyone can rock a maxi skirt, anyone. Just watch the cut and the fabric, if you buy a cheap maxi just for the season, buy a size up. Cheap material clings and is totally unforgiving even on the slimmest of people. If you are carrying some weight around the thighs and hips, look for a cut that  ‘flares’ out from the waist as it falls not just clings straight down. As for rocking the maxi, the possibilities are ENDLESS. I love the look of a white tank tucked into a maxi worn low on the hips, with a fitted jean jacket, sexy flat sandals and a big, killer bag. Add a nice long necklace and some bangles, top with killer shades. Instantly fresh weekend outfit. Or dress it up with heels or heeled boots, wear the skirt up a bit higher around your waist, tuck a black tank into the skirt, separate with a killer belt and throw on a vegan leather vest or jacket. Add chunky bracelets and a fab necklace.

Here Are 5 Maxis Under $65.


Express Maxi Skirt. $50.


Micro Jersey Tiered Maxi Skirt By Michael Stars. $88 On Sale For $32.50.


Forever 21 Maxi Skirt.$20.


BCBG Maxi Skirt. $64.


H&M Maxi Skirt. $20.

The One Type Of Jean That Flatters ALL.

Let me just make this simple and to the point. There is ONE type of jean that flatters most everyone. That is the trouser cut jean. Sits comfortable up top and has the perfect flare at the bottom. They can be worn with anything and styled anyway. For many years I only wore this cut jean because it is so flattering I just stuck with what worked. Bought different washes of the same cut and was good to go. This style jean is best worn with a heel of some type since the legs tend to be cut longer and more full on the bottom. Adding a heel to a pair of jeans with this cut will make your legs look super long and lean. If you are not a heel person, try some platforms or hem the jeans up and make them into sandal jeans. Anyway you slice it the trouser cut jean is just the perfect cut jean.

Here Are 5 Trouser Cut Jeans  I Can Vouch For:


The 'Faye'By Citizens Of Humanity. One Of My Favorite Jeans EVER. I Own Like 6 Pairs Of These Is All Differnt Shades.


The 'Dojo' By 7 For All Mankind Is Another One Of My Favorites. Great Cut, Great Quaily, Flatters All.


The 'Ferris' Jean By Hudson. I Have This In Black And White And Like Them. Some May Not Like The Pockets In The Back Because They Do Add Bulk.


The 'Visionaire' By Joe's Jeans Is A Flare Jean With A Higher Waist And Some Stretch. Very Comfortable Jeans, Very Streamline.


The 'Hollywood' Trouser By J & Co. Is Easily Dressed Up Or Down. I Like J & Co. Jeans I Stumbled Across Them In A Botique Years Back And Just Liked The Cut.

The Over Sized Watch.

So I am in the market and have been in the market for an over sized watch, for quite some time. I just cannot seem to make up my mind. I wear lots of black so do I want a black one? But then the black watch will just blend in with my black outfit, right? So maybe silver and black then? Or will silver stand out too much against an all black outfit? Then there is white, which I have been eying HARD lately. I am loving the look of the white with black detail over sized watch, but I wonder if white will stick out too much against my harsh black and silver wardrobe? So that is my inner turmoil expressed via blog. I am dying for an over sized watch but just cannot make up my damn mind.

An over sized watch is something I never really thought of as a trend because I always liked them. I have always had a strong dislike of womens watches. They are so small and dainty, with some skinny band and a small face. None of those adjectives describe me or my style so I never rocked a ladies watch. I used to just wear mens watches to achieve the ‘over sized’ look and vibe 😉 The over sized watch is a great piece of flair. The watch does not even have to be expensive, just expressive. Find one you like and ROCK IT.

This Is A Men's Watch By Michael Kors That I Have My Eye On.

This Is Another Michael Kors I Thought Was Cool Cuz I Am A Sucker For Camo.

This Is A Womens Watch By Vernier I Thought Looked Super Big And Super Cool. It's Only $30.