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So You Are Saying You Want Me To Shop At Target? For Clothes?

Logo of Target, US-based retail chain

Home Of The Perfect Fashion Basics? Really? Trust Me I Am As Confused As You.

So my fashion life revolves around 3 things…A- Finding and buying basic, timeless pieces in black. 2- Finding and buying unique, chunky and at times masculine accessories and D-Finding and buying the highest and in my opinion, sickest, vegan heels I can locate on this fine planet.

I shop in someway, everyday of my life. I do not necessarily buy stuff everyday, I just am constantly looking for the things I need. The timeless things, the things that are unique to myself and things I just know I cannot do without. Once I find a basic I need, that fits, I buy at least 2 in black and then look for one in white or gray. Maybe a bright pink or something if it is the season for that.

Since I do shop so much I try on lots of stuff in every single price range and let me tell you that just because a basic tank dress is $200 does not mean $hit. For Real. It makes me so pissed to cuz lots of the time I will order it on-line, get it, be like ‘WTF, $200 for this cheap material, ill-fitting piece of garbage?’ Thanks but no thanks. So I return it. Then I will be somewhere like say, Target, stocking up on body lotion and toothpaste and I will skip through the woman’s clothing section. And I find what I am looking for. Time and time again.

I have now realized this is not coincidence. I found my long black tank dresses there and bought 3 for $20 each, this was after I tried on Alexander Wang ones that were over $200. I found my black baggy off the shoulder T-Shirt there and bought 3 on sale for $11 each. This is after I paid $50 for one at Express and never wear it cuz the Target ones fit better. Yesterday I went to get body lotion and boom, I find the perfect short, tight tank dress for $20 and buy 3, after I spent over $200 on a Citizens Of Humanity one I have never worn even though I bought it last year. Full price.

Last week while I was in ‘color for wardrobe planning’, my teacher was talking about fit and quality of clothing and she was talking about good quality clothing at a low price point. She brought up Target right away. Her exact words were ‘Every time I walk into Target I am blown away, Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot get quality clothes at a low price point at Target.’ I had to chuckle cuz I was wearing my baggy black off the shoulder T-Shirt from Target that class. My next class I ended up getting called out for my outfit, my teacher loved it. It was the long black tank dress I got from Target accessorized to the tilt.

So the moral of this rant is… If shopping at Target is not only good enough for, but recommended by the teachers at the Fashion Institute of Technology (aka the infamous F.I.T. in Manhattan) then maybe you should take a look 😉


Bell Bottom Blues.

Bell Bottoms, I think are my favorite style of jeans. Nothing makes you look taller and slimmer then a pair of fitted bells and some ridiculously high heels. Bells that cover ones shoes are even better since the silhouette of the pants is not lost allowing the bell to create the image of height and length in the legs. I personally do not think bell bottoms go out of style but this season they truly seem to be in style. So many brands are spitting out bells this year, 7 For All Man Kind Bell Bottoms in Vintage California are the best. They came out 2 years ago, with distressed legs, the whole 9, they are the most perfect bell bottom EVER. I see they brought them back this season minus the distressing. Here are the 5 hottest pairs of bells on the block this season…

Rock These Bells:


These Are 7 For All Mankind Super Flare Bell Bottoms In Vintage California.


These Are Citizens Of Humanity Angie Super Flare In Moon River.


These Are J Brand Love Story Bell Bottoms.


These Are The Hudson Woodstock Flare Jean In Dark Wash.


These Are The GoldSign Sissi Platform Flare Jeans In Focus.