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Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape.

I am a sunglass junkie but it is not always easy to tell which shape of shades you should be rocking. Here are the best shade shapes for the 4 face shapes.

Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape.

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What's Your Proper Shade Shape?

1- Oval Face Shape. Since an oval face is pretty well-balanced in proportions you can rock any shape shades you feel inclined to.

2- Heart Face Shape. Heart shaped faces tend to have a broader forehead and a more narrow jaw line. A classic aviator or a semi rimless pair of sunnies will do the trick.

3- Square Face Shape. Square shape faces tend to have more angles on them. To soften them up look for a pair of shade with gently rounded edges.

4- Round Face Shape. Round face shape is a more full face shape. By wearing shades that are rectangular or more geometric in shape you will help create the appearance of a slimmer face.


Guitar String Bracelets.

Nothing says Rock N Roll like a huge stack of thin guitar string bracelets on your arm. I remember back in the day, my parents friends used to have them and I always wanted them. I was too young and forgot about them over the years until I saw them on Amazon last week. If you like the industrial look you will LOVE these. They come in a pack of 50 which seems like a lot but 100 is better if you like a more aggressive look. The only place I can find them is on Amazon. f0r $50.

Bell Bottom Blues.

Bell Bottoms, I think are my favorite style of jeans. Nothing makes you look taller and slimmer then a pair of fitted bells and some ridiculously high heels. Bells that cover ones shoes are even better since the silhouette of the pants is not lost allowing the bell to create the image of height and length in the legs. I personally do not think bell bottoms go out of style but this season they truly seem to be in style. So many brands are spitting out bells this year, 7 For All Man Kind Bell Bottoms in Vintage California are the best. They came out 2 years ago, with distressed legs, the whole 9, they are the most perfect bell bottom EVER. I see they brought them back this season minus the distressing. Here are the 5 hottest pairs of bells on the block this season…

Rock These Bells:


These Are 7 For All Mankind Super Flare Bell Bottoms In Vintage California.


These Are Citizens Of Humanity Angie Super Flare In Moon River.


These Are J Brand Love Story Bell Bottoms.


These Are The Hudson Woodstock Flare Jean In Dark Wash.


These Are The GoldSign Sissi Platform Flare Jeans In Focus.