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Welcome To Beyond The Little Black Dress!!!

Beyond The Little Black Dress is a fashion blog dedicated to 100% VEGAN FASHIONS. This blog is free of leather, suede, fur and other fabrics that cause animals pain, suffering and/or death. I hope to show you all how easy it is to look great and feel great, all while doing a great thing.

Here at Beyond The Little Black Dress I will show you that vegan fashion is not what you are thinking it is. Trust me, when I made the decision to incorporate vegan principals in my fashion world, I thought my closet as I knew it would end. Parts of it did end but the replacements are 10 times better, 10 times more unique and do not cause harm to animals and the planet in the process. Making them simply better all around.

Let’s think of this as, ‘Fashion For The Conscience Collective.’