About The Author.

I am a fashion fanatic. Not a trend or label snob. Just  strictly a ‘what looks good’ snob. I am also a vegetarian who adheres to vegan principles when it comes to clothing. I love the color black and I love chains as accessories. I have 3 Chihuahuas who are also vegans, and no I do not carry them around in bags. I love mixing feminine with masculine when I am creating an outfit. I am obsessed with vegan shoes and bags and I hope you like this blog.  My mother instilled a very individual sense of style into my head at a very young age. I can clearly remember my favorite Oshkosh Bi Gosh Overall’s from 1982, I loved them so much because my mom had sewn this super cool rainbow patch on them so they were specifically MINE. Right then I fell in love with that aspect of fashion, the aspect that ‘you can make fashion your own’. Fashion is what YOU make it, how YOU see it and how YOU rock it. Fashion is all about YOU and how it makes YOU feel.

Armed with the principal of ‘Fashion Individuality’ I set out on a path of fashion destruction and never looked back. I have never really followed when it came to fashion, I just blazed my own path. Sometimes things were an epic fail but a lot of the time I happened to be dead on. I knew I had an eye and wanted to go to fashion school after high school but as a gifted athlete, there were other plans for me. So after 10 years of soul-searching, working in offices, bars and gyms I finally decided to pursue my dream of attending The Fashion Institute Of Technology. I had been stopped so many times over so many years,  to be asked questions about something I was wearing, or about the way I was wearing it or where I bought it. All of these questions are what drove my passion to become a reality, after almost 20 years of questions and answers I have arrived at my ‘calling’. Now as an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist I get to do what I truly love, which is make YOU feel and look good about yourselves.

I hope you enjoy Beyond The Little Black Dress and I hope to show you that fashion with compassion is where it is at. Feel free to comment, send me ideas, links or complaints to Info@BeyondTheLBD.Com or Info@BeyondTheLittleBlackDress.Org.

Don’t Just Wear It…ROCK It.

Yours In Fashion and Compassion.

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