Guitar String Bracelets.

Nothing says Rock N Roll like a huge stack of thin guitar string bracelets on your arm. I remember back in the day, my parents friends used to have them and I always wanted them. I was too young and forgot about them over the years until I saw them on Amazon last week. If you like the industrial look you will LOVE these. They come in a pack of 50 which seems like a lot but 100 is better if you like a more aggressive look. The only place I can find them is on Amazon. f0r $50.


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I am a super strict vegetarian who is mildly obsessed with vegan baked goods, weight lifting, shoes, faux leather jackets, adopting Chihuahuas and taking in stray cats. I am also a Gemini, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Plant Based Nutritionist and what I would like to call ' A Hippie In High Heels.' Livin' Cruelty-Free And Lovin' It :) View all posts by Veggie Fitness

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