Standing The Vest Of Time.

The denim vest is another piece of clothing that seems to never go out of style. Like it’s sleeved counterpart, the denim vest comes in many different styles. Here are 5 different styles of this classic, whatever style you run with be sure you ROCK IT.


A Fitted Cropped Denim Vest Is A Cute Look For The Ladies. This Particular Vest Is By Guess.


Keep It Classic With This Denim Vest From Levi's. You Can Wear This Cut Of Vest With Almost Anything.


Make It Long. A Long Denim Vest Is A Nice Twist And Is Forgiving In The Hip, Butt And Stomach Region. This Denim Vest Is By DKNY.


Get Distressed With This Faded Grey Denim Vest By Roxy. The Few Small Black Studs Above The Pocket Add To The Rock And Roll Look.


This Shaped Denim Vest By J. Jill Can Be Worn As A Top Piece Or Under A Jacket As A Layer Detail. This Cut Is Also Very Versatile.


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I am a super strict vegetarian who is mildly obsessed with vegan baked goods, weight lifting, shoes, faux leather jackets, adopting Chihuahuas and taking in stray cats. I am also a Gemini, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Plant Based Nutritionist and what I would like to call ' A Hippie In High Heels.' Livin' Cruelty-Free And Lovin' It :) View all posts by Veggie Fitness

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