Uncork It.

Platforms are back in full force this season, ‘plattys’ as I call them are some of my favorite shoes. They are also some of the easiest ‘heels’ to walk in, so if you are looking to break into the heel market trying a low platform at first, is the way to go.  Cork plattys are some of the most common and popular platforms, especially for the summer. Here are 5 killer pairs of vegan cork platforms, these shoes look good with everything from shorts to maxi dresses.


This Is The 'Canvas Shield' Cork Platform. Available At GoJane.Com These Shoes Cost $23.50.


This 'Leatherette T-Strap Wedge' Is Also Available At GoJane.Com For $27.20.


The 'Blowfish Garret Rust T-Strap' Cork Platform Heel Is Available At Lulus.Com For $49.00.


By City Classified This Nude T Strap Cork Wedge Platform Costs $28.00 And Is Also Available At Lulus.Com.


Also From Lulus.Com This Ceasar Black Waffle Weave Wedge Booties Are By Bamboo And Cost $38.00.


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I am a super strict vegetarian who is mildly obsessed with vegan baked goods, weight lifting, shoes, faux leather jackets, adopting Chihuahuas and taking in stray cats. I am also a Gemini, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Plant Based Nutritionist and what I would like to call ' A Hippie In High Heels.' Livin' Cruelty-Free And Lovin' It :) View all posts by Veggie Fitness

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