The Over Sized Watch.

So I am in the market and have been in the market for an over sized watch, for quite some time. I just cannot seem to make up my mind. I wear lots of black so do I want a black one? But then the black watch will just blend in with my black outfit, right? So maybe silver and black then? Or will silver stand out too much against an all black outfit? Then there is white, which I have been eying HARD lately. I am loving the look of the white with black detail over sized watch, but I wonder if white will stick out too much against my harsh black and silver wardrobe? So that is my inner turmoil expressed via blog. I am dying for an over sized watch but just cannot make up my damn mind.

An over sized watch is something I never really thought of as a trend because I always liked them. I have always had a strong dislike of womens watches. They are so small and dainty, with some skinny band and a small face. None of those adjectives describe me or my style so I never rocked a ladies watch. I used to just wear mens watches to achieve the ‘over sized’ look and vibe 😉 The over sized watch is a great piece of flair. The watch does not even have to be expensive, just expressive. Find one you like and ROCK IT.

This Is A Men's Watch By Michael Kors That I Have My Eye On.

This Is Another Michael Kors I Thought Was Cool Cuz I Am A Sucker For Camo.

This Is A Womens Watch By Vernier I Thought Looked Super Big And Super Cool. It's Only $30.


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